The List

People were wondering about the list and seemed real curious about it. I will add this is a partial list. I created a link to the ORG Chart below.


The list that came out for future employers was this one.

And for comparison purposes where these folks use to be.

11 14 16 DAO Org Chart

Wayne, Lance is not political, this is him standing next to Kelly Siegler at her announcement to run for DA. If this was a courtroom I would hold up this photo and ask you to find him guilty and a liar.

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25 thoughts on “The List

  1. I have a question. Do all the judges who have orders not to release the names of grand jurors seeking Mary Lou Keel’s bench understand Gov. Abbott is very pro-life? Kristin, Renee, Linda, Katherine, and Brock, Big Jolly will do a follow up story on this issue. Not sure if you want to interview with the Pro-Life groups; but, rest assure they will be asking about your position on orders hiding grand jurors too. Got your mind right yet? I will follow up with Chris Daniel to see if any judges have rescinded their orders. I like LaGriglia and Tony’s for lunch.

  2. They only people left at the office was the “vagocracy” as Murray called his friends? Everyone else quit with the worse retention rate of any DA in modern history. Murray supported both Anderson’s. 1st Anderson had a note in his file never to be promoted and to check in with Chuck Rosenthal at 2pm to make sure he returned sober to the office. Devon’s incompetence goes without saying bringing back the worst of the worst of the “old days”. Disaster soon followed, so shocking. After all, it was just a matter of time before they screwed Devon, and boy they did. Now we just pop the corn and see how many special prosecutors get named and who winds up in jail. Who is going to be first. Grand jury’s can be tricky.

  3. An interesting trend has developed on Murray’s blog. The trend is to bash Jim Leitner over everything from firing Murray to claiming he was somehow involved in deciding who was not coming back to the DA’s office. Those on the transition team know Jim was not involved so what is really going on. The answer of course is Murray’s morons are upset that Jim locked the Temple filed in his office. This was important because when Lance Long called Kelly and told her she could not sanitize the file Kelly knew what that meant. The result is the CCA slapping Kelly for her misconduct. The embodiment of prosecutorial misconduct versus the moral integrity of Jim Leitner. The thought that any young minds could learn anything from the morons just fired is repugnant. If you want to be like Kelly join Murray in his law practice. Know when you schlepp up to Marc Carter, Susan Brown, Denise Bradley, Brad Hart, Vanessa Valesquez, Catherine Evans, or Cabiness and hand your voucher for your appointment to them there are people snickering in the back of the court. There are others taking notes for 2018.

  4. Murray’s girly men need to file just one lawsuit. You may want to check in with legal genius Chip Lewis on how he got pummeled in court, beaten unmercifully like a poor step child.

  5. 3:15
    This sounds very reminiscent of the 185th BS. Your problem is Jim Leitner is head of grand jury. He is there for a reason. Aren’t there enough investigations, now? More terminations are needed with some indictments.

  6. And not one word about Devon’s conflicts with the Temple Case. The Kelly Siegler school of prosecutorial misconduct star pupil Murray Newman offering advice on ethics is humorous at best, more than likely criminal.

  7. Only nit wit readers of Murray Newman’s blog can not look up Buzbee’s DWI to see that it has not been expunged. Also, reason 999 that Devon was crushed an under investigation.

  8. Clearly not in the know surrounding Durfee’s departure. You do not hear boo from anyone about the investigations of former prosecutors and administrators and not one dam lawsuit. Chip will at least walk into a court room and prove what a poor trial lawyer looks like in trial, ask Deutsche.

  9. Not one word on the Ranger bribery investigation or the destruction of evidence investigation. Let’s see who goes to jail, the over/under line is growing on a few.

  10. Let’s see who does the appointing. The real question is does Johnson or Brown make the call. Either way the first defense witness to be called will be Kelly Siegler. Ms. Siegler why did you arrange for Chip Lewis to represent Riley Joe Sanders? Ms. Siegler just how many investigators have you slept with and if David Temple is a bad guy for having an affair does that make him innocent?

    What a field day. All of this assumes Jim Mount is not appointed because it will take four years to retry him. Temples’ only chance of being found guilty would be to hire Chip Lewis.

    The lesson is always be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.

  11. I think Kelly Chief panty sniffer Murray should retry Temple. The Justice would be watching Kelly call Murray begging for Murray to dismiss the case before Kelly, Danny Billingsley, and Cow Chip are called to the stand. This would be followed by everyone who has sued Kelly to date. David Temple the guy who created and ended a TV show.

  12. Judges are you going to sit by and let Murray take you out too! I will post all those Judges names who are giving Murray Newman court appointments so you can get advice from them and compare those to who just got wiped out. I don’t think there are to many left? I haven’t looked in awhile. Kristin, you don’t want to waste time or money on Susan Brown’s bench? The way it’s looking, I am guessing another Dem sweep. It’s a long way off. A lot could happen. Think about it.

  13. 8:00
    You may want to run your observations past Devon Anderson, Brock Thomas, Kristin Guinness, Ryan Patrick, Katherine McDaniel, Mark Ellis, Renee McGee, or Stacey Bond who did not have a problem drinking their coffee. You could probably add the other 40 plus yahoos that went seeking new employment from the DA’s office.

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