Don Hooper’s Sample Ballot

I have been asked several times to write about my choices for the local and statewide judicial races. Stan Stanart, the Harris County Clerk, recently told me of his sample ballot that allows voters to enter their name and address on his website and produce a personalized sample ballot; so, I decided to give it a try. Stan and his team have developed a program that allows each voter to create their own unique slate to post and send to friends. Think of it as Stan’s way of overcoming the slate machines. And, when you think about it, Stan has revolutionized the way we can share our selections. Running the election operations in the largest county in Texas always makes Stan and his guys the smartest guys in the room. They do a great job.

You will notice I left many unopposed judicial races blank. I do this to send a message. The message is clear for the Criminal District Judges – I am tired of you supporting Judge Susan Brown as the Chief Administrative Judge of the Criminal Courts – think Goforth, the runaway grand jury, Constable Victor Trevino, judicial bypasses, and Devon Anderson. I have intentionally left them blank, which will show up as an under vote. This sends a message. I, of course, skipped Devon Anderson.

You will notice that I voted for Stacey Bond. She got my vote for standing against prosecutorial misconduct in her court. I also voted for Rick Green over Paul Green for Place 5 on the Texas Supreme Court. I do like what has happened at the Texas Supreme Court, especially concerning the City of Houston cases like HERO. I previously wrote about Jim Leitner for Harris County Attorney. It makes no sense for his opponent, a five-year lawyer, to represent Harris County in all civil litigation and advise Commissioners Court. Jim is the only choice.

Create your own ballot, print my ballot, or use something else entirely. Most importantly, VOTE! Study the candidates and, if you do not know them or the issue, do not feel compelled to vote in that race.

Marked Up Sample Ballot

Marked Sample Ballot




Sample Ballot Pic 2


6 thoughts on “Don Hooper’s Sample Ballot

  1. Newman, and the legal bottom feeders at it again, fun! Now the Brock and Devon Devon bashing will begin through November, smart.

    Tx Right to Life and Operation Rescue need to meet with incumbent on the Court of Criminal Appeals. I bet we can have real fun with Trump at the top of the ticket.

  2. I need to be nice to Murray’s morons. Devon’s resignation has now been called for by many and has 60 national negative news stories since Wednesday. The only question left is when Devon is dealt off the bottom of the deck does Brock go with her.

    I am not even trying hard but definitely controlling the narrative. If I were Devon, Kristin, Mary, Renee, Brock, Denise, Mike, and anyone else on the ballot who cares. I would make Murray’s bald head into a bongo drum. Definitely, I would not give him a suck up appointment and pray Paul Simpson does not deal you too.

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