Kelly Siegler and the Jiggery-Pokery Gang

Kelly Siegler DA Announcement Photo

On Thursday, Judge Larry Gist issued 36 findings of prosecutorial misconduct against Kelly Siegler in the David Temple murder case. I wanted to give you a little background on Ms. Siegler so the Big Jolly readers can remain the most knowledgeable folks on Harris County criminal justice issues.

Kelly and the Jiggery-Pokery Gang united for Kelly’s unsuccessful DA bid in 2008. The gang existed in many forms long before 2008; but, Kelly’s 2008 campaign announcement provided the first opportunity for a public group photo. The gang photo clarifies their unification to the outside viewer.

Like all gangs, there is a hierarchy. Ms. Siegler is the central figure and, generally, close proximity to the leader in the photo denotes a higher rank; although, a few things have changed since 2008. The judiciary members are not as obvious; but, they are certainly a very important part of this gang. Some judges, like Susan Brown, act as capos within the organization. The group also acts to protect other gang members or affiliates, not unlike most street gangs.

The gang’s name has changed over the years. More recently, I renamed the group the Jiggery-Pokey Gang after reading Justice Scalia’s Obamacare dissent. I think the term fittingly describes this group and their operations.

Jiggery-pokery: Dishonest or suspicious activity.

David Temple is a difficult case because so many have prejudged his guilt David Temple Murder Trialbased on Kelly’s facts. Heck, he was already convicted and sentenced. He was cheating on his pregnant wife and later married his mistress. It is easy to hate his behavior. But, the current issue is not about David Temple’s innocence. It is about fundamental fairness and justice. A rigged game is not justice.

When the wrong man is convicted, we are all to blame. It is the responsibility of every citizen, voter, and human being to learn about our criminal justice system and make sure that justice for all actually means something.

We, as Harris County citizens, need to take very seriously who we elect as DA and misdemeanor and felony judges. It cannot be a popularity contest foisted on the precinct chairs by the political consultants. The Jiggery-Pokery Gang has a history. Their affiliates have a history. And certain political consultants, like Allen Blakemore and Mary Jane Smith, are the promoters of these gang members.

Why is the gang designation important? It is crucial for citizens, particularly those outside of the criminal justice system, to understand that Kelly Siegler’s actions are not an isolated incident. Kelly intentionally and purposefully withheld exculpatory evidence in a criminal prosecution. Craig Goodhart, Kelly’s assistant on the Temple trial, has been accused of similar impropriety in the Linda Carty case.  Retired DEA Special Agent Charles Mathis alleges that Connie Spence threatened to question him about a fictional affair with Linda Carty.  Lance Long and Murray Newman, Kelly disciples, were accused of pressuring witnesses to lie in the Antonio Williams case.

“Mr. Long and the investigators pressured me to testify that Antonio was at the scene and was the shooter. They stated to me that if I helped them out, they would help out.”

Excerpt from an affidavit by Sharonda Cooper, a neighbor who testified against Antonio Williams.

This is just a sampling of the prosecutorial misconduct developed and perpetrated by the gang.

The Jiggery-Pokery Gang furthers their agenda in a number of ways. Remember, for the most part, these are lawyers and highly educated people operating in and around the DA’s office. Like all gangs, they use tools common to their surroundings. Here, the gang uses the grand jury system, media, courts, and certain judges to further their agenda.

The DA’s office is very similar to junior high or high school; so, it is very simple for the inner circle to use their popularity and cunning ways to get their way. The group treats Kelly like a deity or party-animal homecoming queen.

Nothing that has come out concerning Siegler’s prosecution of David Temple is new. Siegler employed the exact same methods used by Ken Anderson on Michael Morton, an innocent man wrongly convicted of murdering his wife in Williamson County. In the Morton case, the prosecutor lost his law license and went to jail.

The media is culpable in the gang’s rise to power. So often, the media relies on information used in their stories provided by gang members. This is an important fact because it allows the gang members to assert their narrative. Siegler carefully uses her minions to plant stories in the media, which are used to build her image and television career. Think about how often Chip Lewis, a Kelly crony, is quoted by reporters. It is a game and justice is not the goal.

The win-at-all-costs mentality flourished during the Rosenthal administration. Chuck Rosenthal allowed Kelly and others to run amok.

Devon Anderson promised to return the DA’s office back to the old days, which is code to the gang members for win-at-all-costs. Many members of Kelly’s crew also roll with Devon. The Lykos administration threatened to out this group and their misdeeds; so, they only had one choice: to destroy reputations. That is why, when Kelly ran for DA in 2008, Murray Newman, Kelly’s Minister of Propaganda, created a blog to perpetuate the Kelly myth.

It is high time for people to know the truth about injustice in Harris County. David Temple’s lawyers have asked that an attorney pro tem or special prosecutor be appointed. This would be a start; but, as in the Michael Morton case involving Ken Anderson and the Anthony Graves case, a Court of Inquiry was formed to investigate the misdeeds on a much broader level. If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you are aware of lots of misdeeds reported here involving the District Attorney’s office. It is time for the Republican Party to join with others and lead the charge to clean up the courthouse and the District Attorney’s office.

Part One

18 thoughts on “Kelly Siegler and the Jiggery-Pokery Gang

  1. Why thank you Murray! You did leave out why you were so upset at Jim because he was not handling the case the correct way. You know, let the office sanitize the file before the defense could see it. The real question for a special prosecutor is Brady and who took what out of the file. You are going to love part two. You seemed pretty upset when Jim kept the Temple file in his office. The Jiggery Pokery gang couldn’t sanitize it. The gang needs to be real careful because this is where people go to jail, lose their bar cards, and genuinely have very bad days. And, no we won’t be doing anymore Bret Ligon specials ala your buddy Ryan Chandler. Have a great day.

  2. Hey idiot commenter on Murray’s blog why don’t you interpret the 5th circuit ruling. Better yet come to court and argue Amanda’s case. Chip ran out of the court room like a little school girl, and Hughes only slapped him around for an hour. Man up, don’t be anonymous, show us what you got. If I explained the ruling you might tell Amamnda’s lawyer and what fun would that be. Not one idiot on Murray’s blog has come close to getting it remotely correct. Btw, I am sure Judge Hughes is just waiting to see Chip. Bet you he gets no where near the court. 1000 dollars.

  3. So let’s just go through every Siegler case and anyone removing anything from any file is instantly charged with tampering with a government document. Anyone using the term work product is charged with obstructing justice. Anybody from the general counsel’s office who has removed work product files from any file gets to star in their own made for TV movie. If you call the prosecutor first the movie comes with an indictment. Now that is something I would watch.

    • Murray, Kelly is getting pillaged every day on the front page of her home town newspaper and when I mock you that’s a post? Look it is going to get real bad. Everyone is going to need a lawyer here and self preservation apparently is not an option. I have a couple of more stories coming and have stocked up on the pop corn. We have an over/under on indictments, disbarments, and TV show cancelations. There is also big money being placed on the civil side of litigation. Step up and place your bet. Know this I am laughing my ass off. Please watch for the work product story coming to a local media outlet soon. Can you tell I am having fun 😉

  4. That’s it? Really, come on guys Kelly is being pummeled. Like that better, hey, it’s just Tuesday and Kelly is certainly good for a few more headlines by Friday. I have been reminded that the over/under also include special prosecutors and courts of inquiry. Get your bets down. Jim pass the popcorn.

  5. Another ass whipping for the Jiggery-pokery gang! Pummeled and beaten like a poor step child. The problem with Lisa’s stories are that they always move the line on the over/under.

    Yes they will be re-calibrated with the new bets.

    We have added CCA and the categories here are.

    Newel, recusal
    CCA decision day after Rep primary
    CCA decision 1st day after general

    We still have Courts of Inquiry
    Special Prosecutors
    Bar Cards
    Jail time
    Devon resignation

  6. Hmmm, maybe the Chron should take Newman up on his suggestion and talk to Danny Billingsely, he is in Huntsville. Now that would be a good part two for Lisa. Then Murray can write a reply to that article. Lisa could call the article what does Kelly have against Crown Vic headliners.

  7. I know, let’s create a TV show and accuse people of murder. After that, let’s create a TV show and accuse people of rape.

    This is followed by plaintiff lawyers taking everything you ever had, plus whatever you think your children will have.

  8. Upcoming Posts

    1. Jiggery-Pokery 2
    2. If Clappart’s warrant was so bad, why not turn over information to the defense?
    3. Craig Maislow- The only person in Houston who believes Murray Newman

  9. Squealing like stuck pigs! I love it and the fun part is when you rip into the DA’s response, which I intend to do. Wilson, a rock star, hardly but I will admit she did not have a lot to work with, and of course defending Kelly is defending the indefensible.

  10. Can someone please give my ex a job. When she has this much free time my children suffer the most. Sylvia, you took her money, how about a typing position, something please. You know another CPS case is right around the corner.

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