Legal Fees

Defending yourself from political corruption can be expensive. It is entirely dependent on the nature and motivation of your adversary.

We now know that some very desperate people were willing to create a completely bogus grand jury “investigation” to unseat Judge Lykos and get their guy-of-the-moment, Mike Anderson, elected. Naturally, an evil plot produces victims and Steve Morris was certainly a victim.

It is outrageous that a public servant does not have legal protection from this sort of illegal activity. For some reason, prosecutors are not protected from legal expenses incurred while performing job duties.

Steve Morris absolutely has the right to recover his legal expenses from the unethical activities surrounding the 185th grand jury. The contempt allegation was completely false. The sole purpose of that grand jury was to provide photo ops for the Anderson campaign. This is similar to the single purpose of Ted Oberg’s reporting: to provide clips for Anderson’s commercials.

As the supervisors over the grand jury division, Steve Morris and Carl Hobbs were on the front line of the battle against grand jury corruption. There was never any truth to the allegation that Carl Hobbs or Steve Morris did anything wrong. Susan Brown knew this too and recused herself to save the embarrassment of Randy Schaeffer revealing the bogus show cause motion and contempt filing. The fact that Brown recused herself and a special prosecutor was appointed gave Murray and the morons another opportunity to fuss about a special prosecutor. God bless Steve Morris and all of the victims of the 185th smear job.

For some unknown reason, Chip “Taliban” Lewis appeared before Commissioners Court last week to protest reimbursement to Morris. Lewis claimed that “Mike Anderson’s money” should never be given to Morris because the contempt was dismissed and that certainly did not mean innocent. Lewis clients on the go forward your guilty unless a jury says your innocent. That is an awfully big opinion from someone who is not registered to vote in Harris County. As a non-voter, maybe Lewis does not understand that a general election will be held in November.

Of course, only one local news channel covered the request for reimbursement. Can you guess which one? I will give you a hint and you can guess the number 1-13 and 1-12 don’t count.

The “folks” who orchestrated the illegal grand jury investigation, along with Oberg, should pay the legal fees incurred by all of the victims.

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16 thoughts on “Legal Fees

  1. Don,

    When Murray and the morons were reading the Declaration of Independence did any of them discuss the 5th amendment or it’s importance?

  2. Oh, so you were just randomly putting things together that have nothing to do with each other to make a silly point? Cool.

    thanks for the clarification.

    • Con,
      Most Americans think that the signers of the Declaration of Independence were of like mind with the framers of the US Constitution. There is no doubt that Anderson supporters missed the whole tyranny idea in both documents as exemplified by the bogus 185 grand jury. There is no doubt that many of the defense attorney’s who were former prosecutors reciting the Declaration of Independence do not understand either document.

      If I were Richard Haynes I would have been sick that day too.

  3. Is anyone going to talk about Karen Hooper’s latest CPS investigation. She has skated in the criminal world for a long time. KBR should really look into her criminal activity not only as a parent but as an employee.

  4. Sylvia,
    My ex-wife’s criminal activities with Michelle Hightower do not concern you. CPS and the proper law enforcement agencies have been involved from the beginning.

  5. Don,
    Murray allows your ex-wife to post to get under your skin. She is morbidly obese and obsesses constantly about you. Those at the family law center are well aware of Murray’s ex-wife’s involvement with her and her retention to handle her latest CPS investigation.

    Murray gets drunk in bars and takes men home and the latest Mrs. Newman is about to find him out too. She should have an AIDS test!

  6. Don,
    It maybe time to depose Murray and Sylvia. They apparently know the whereabouts of Michelle Hightower. Do people know that Murray’s ex-wife represents your ex-wife in her current CPS case. Leaving a child with a loaded weapon and leaving the country is a crime. So is filing a false police report and tampering with a government document. Have you ever been able to locate a birth certificate in Harris County for Jade Hightower?

  7. It is a very interesting thing that the Murray blog has been silent except for a small few. Is it because of the rumor that a civil suit is forth coming?

  8. Well it seems one or more County Commissioners have told Anderson that if any of his policy changes increase the County’s budget it will come out of the DA’s budget. Now that ought to put a crimp in the rhetoric. Should also keep a number of people from getting rehired. LMAO

    Anderson is throwing you under a bus already, too funny!

  9. Why does little Robbie Fickman continue to practice law? He is demonstrably the most incompetent defense attorney in Harris County! Dude give it up!

  10. Murray’s posters are the most dangerously ignorant people at the court house.

    I can prove it, anyone who thinks I post on Murray’s blog is a complete fool. Also, this blog exists so I don’t have too.

    Now we are going to have fun taken a part Murray’s post about Jim Leitner.

    Stay tuned!

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