Murray Newman and Brad Hart (Updated)

I am wondering if Murray Newman realizes why it is a bad, very bad idea to post peoples divorce records on the internet.  Murray I will allow you to comment why this was a terrible idea and I want you to think it through very carefully before you respond.  Brad you can have a shot at it too.

(Update) It is real hard not to take many of the comments and just put them out there.  I will say that when you have someone posting divorce records and comments from X’s it is very hurtful to the families.  Murray is a punk for doing it but it does not mean that I will, however, does Brad deserve a pass?  He is a poor lawyer with evidently poorer judgement and wants to be a judge.  I find it funny that Jessica Colon represents Brad and is burning up the site.  Jessica, next time you have a client and you post negative comments on a site, you may want to ask yourself where does that information go?  Will this person maintain his hard drive, will the hard drive wind up in other hands?  I got to tell you it has been a real eye opener those questions I just mentioned.  There is a lesson for all anonymous posters out there.  

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