Murray Newman wants Devon Anderson to re-try the killer of Officer Charles R. Clark!

Murray stated it was Mike Anderson’s intent to give Officer Charles R. Clark’s killer a new trial. Wow, I guess we can’t ask him if that is true but one thing is for sure, Devon Anderson promised to prosecute all cop killers personally to honor her husband’s campaign promise. Now, there will not be a videotape this time, like in the Harlem Lewis trial, but Murray will tell you Devon Anderson is the greatest prosecutor of all time. What would Devon tell the Clark family if she did not personally prosecute the case – they are not worthy of her efforts? Devon is not about to let the law enforcement community down. Alfred Dewayne Brown and the Clark family need justice.

Of course, I will be discussing Murray’s comments concerning grand juries at length.

19 thoughts on “Murray Newman wants Devon Anderson to re-try the killer of Officer Charles R. Clark!

  1. Murray,
    Thank you so much for the heads up on the Alfred Brown case. I certainly did not understand the connection to the 185th until you brought it up. Watch what happens next!

    Thank you!

  2. 4:34
    Why don’t you call over and ask so I can own your ass too! You may want to inquire with Amanda what it’s like and how big a bank account you need to participate. My guess anonymous piker you can not afford to play. By all means call, please!!! Don’t be shy!

  3. Bert Graham,
    No doubt Murray writes fiction. His blog is a testament to fiction writing about the DA’s office. I am guessing you know great fiction when you see it. Watch what happens next. You may not feel like a bowling pin.

  4. This is going to be ugly. Devon jumped the shark but landed on it, mouth open!

    Watch what happens next!

    I bet you guys are going to get tired of me saying that. Marc and Susan Brown. Come get yours too!

  5. Murray,
    You have real issues with free speech. Or, maybe its that you think you are the only one that can comment on the court house. Let me tell you how it works. You write something then I do. This will usually be followed by an article on Big Jolly with follow up stories by the Chron, 11, 13, fox and 2.

    Now you do give me a lot of material and we are busy drilling. However, you always motivate me because you are such an easy target. You always lie.

    Also, don’t think Brad Hart, Katherine Evans, and Kristen are going to get left out of anything. I just don’t pick on the Browns. Keep writing though because I do need a motivator from time to time.

    Now do your part and I will do mine, thanks again.

  6. So was the arresting officer in Murray’s case Ryan Chandler? Is Murray saying that the HPD arresting officer’s investigation is garbage?

    Murray is a liar. He hangs out with liars. His friends are liars. There is no reason to believe that Lance Long wanted to prosecute someone for killing a victim with a very lengthy criminal history. The question for a dissimissal that should have been asked is Murray if your guy was innocent why wasn’t he over there putting the fire out? Shame on the DA’s office. Ray Hunt apparently Murray thinks your guys work isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on!

    The Murray rule is always in effect. Murray is always full of BS.

  7. Love it, back to Devon, Chandler, Chip, and Susan Brown! No doubt I need to kicked in the butt from time to time! Thanks!

    Need to bring it all together for the readers before the election.

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