Murray and the morons starring Ted Oberg (Updated)

Ted Oberg is a complete fool and what was left out of his story is this.  Clay Rawlings wanted a pre-trial diversion for a client who had been charged as a public servant which was rejected by Bill Exley, Terese Buess, and Maria McAnulty.  Now the problem for the galactically uninformed idiots of Oberg, Buess, Exley, and McAnulty is that Exley, Buess, and McAnulty had absolutely no authority to reject Clay Rawlings request. Say What?

Yes, you got that right the fools that called Ted about this story never had the authority or even the right to discuss the matter with Clay Rawlings.  Fools, pull out the operation manual and you will see that the only person allowed to grant a pre-trial diversion for a public servant is the 1st Assistant and the District Attorney herself. So let’s think about that for a second. Clay Rawlings gave three people the courtesy of review who should have never been involved in the first place. Now under Chuck Rosenthal the only person who had the authority to grant a pre-trial diversions for public servants was Chuck himself.

Clay was trying to do the right thing for his client and never tried to go over anyone’s head.  It’s hard to go over people’s head when they are not allowed to make a decision.  Again, pre-trial diversions involving public servants can only be made by Jim Leitner or Judge Lykos. Once again Murray Newman and the morons are wrong and has led Ted Oberg into another factually inaccurate story. So this guy wasn’t over charged as a public servant and entrapped by law-enforcement?  His crime wasn’t enhanced? Go back and watch the story.

My thinking is that there are several people who are real unhappy with their jobs and need to re-think what they do for a living. Those that told Ted about the story are known. You have to ask why or how Murray was tipped the story was going to run in the first place and what are the motivations behind Oberg’s factually inaccurate story after story concerning the DA’s office. Ted you are a true idiot and really have no credibility at this point. Nothing you have ever reported or alleged has ever been true going back to the BAT vans.

I think the morons need to take a good hard look at the polling. Anderson is about to embarrass himself badly or I should say worse than he already has.

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  1. Yes, it was a nice night and how many fundraisers do you go to in the middle of River Oaks where the tours of the property are from a boat in the swimming pool. Thank you oil and gas people and have fun at the OTC!

  2. Dear Friends,

    Please forgive the nature of this message; but, I feel that the time is now to tell you about the horrible injustice happening in the race for District Attorney. A few days ago, as I walked into a building in Houston, I came face to face with a security guard. In a second, I recognized the woman as the mother of a victim in a murder case that I tried a few years ago. This was a particularly difficult prosecution because it was a cold case having happened years before. It was the epitome of the challenges that face prosecutors every day and justice prevailed, the process worked. The woman who I encountered was concerned for me. She had seen me in the news and didn’t understand what was happening or why. She knew my character and knew something was wrong. She was right.

    I began as an intern at the District Attorney’s Office in 2001. My first supervisor was Carl Hobbs, a man who has dedicated his life to public service. He taught me about the criminal justice system and how to be a fair and just lawyer.

    Throughout my time as an Assistant District Attorney, I have prided myself in always doing the right thing. Over the last few years, a number of national scandals have tarnished my profession. In 2008, Chuck Rosenthal was forced to resign as Harris County District Attorney after admitting that alcohol and drugs impaired his judgment for some time.

    Later that year, Patricia Lykos, a former police officer and judge, was elected District Attorney. Over the last four years, Judge Lykos originated the recently honored Haverstock Hills Apartments Initiative, which aggressively changed the face of community for the better by removing the criminal elements. Prior to Judge Lykos, murder after murder happened in this area and witnesses were afraid to come forward. Elderly residents were too frightened to leave their home to even check their mail during the day. Now, the playgrounds are filled with happy children and the crime rate is down. Most importantly, the area gangs are on notice that the District Attorney means business.

    Judge Lykos, the first female Harris County District Attorney, makes certain that all credible claims of innocence are appropriately investigated. This includes the release of Michael Anthony Green who was imprisoned for twenty-seven years for a crime that he did not commit. Jeff Blackburn from the Innocence Project of Texas said that, “under Lykos, Harris County is becoming the single most powerful example of how to change this system and make it work right.” In 2008, Judge Lykos promised to pursue an independent, regional crime laboratory. A few weeks ago, ground was broken on the new forensic laboratory that will provide sound scientific evidence and impartiality in the pursuit of criminal justice.

    Under the leadership of Judge Lykos, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has prosecuted Houston Police Department union members for stealing over $650,000 from their organization. A former employee of the District Attorney’s Office and her husband were prosecuted for stealing restitution payments since 2002. Judge Lykos also fought a judge’s illegal ruling against the death penalty.

    In January 2010, Judge Lykos initiated a fair drug policy that lead to a significant reduction in crime by focusing on apprehending the drug pushers and traffickers while treating abusers. She has also reduced the number of repeat impaired driving offenders with an innovative program that provides treatment for first-time defendants.

    Even with all of these positive changes and initiatives, a group of former and current prosecutors dislike Judge Lykos because she was not a handpicked successor like Johnny Holmes and Chuck Rosenthal. So, upon her election victory, these individuals embarked on a mission to ruin Judge Lykos. Their one goal is to embarrass and humiliate Judge Lykos to prevent her re-election. Justice is never a consideration in their minds and they are blind with hatred so they fail to recognize the vast improvements. They see Lykos as an outsider and they are scared that she will continue to uncover malfeasance and prosecute those responsible.

    With all of the great accomplishments of Judge Lykos, the opposition to justice movement fabricated a scandal to attempt to reclaim the District Attorney’s Office. In late October, a grand jury removed the District Attorney’s Office from their grand jury meeting room and began “investigating” the office. Their plan was clear – they would do anything to hurt Judge Lykos. Their solitary mission was to give Judge Lykos’s opponent enough fodder to prevail in the election.

    The grand jury claimed to be investigating the Houston Police Department’s breath alcohol testing vans; however, that was simply a cover for their real plan, which was to denigrate Judge Lykos. First, Susan Brown, the judge presiding over the grand jury, attempted to hold Carl Hobbs, my mentor, and another outstanding Assistant District Attorney, Steve Morris, in criminal contempt for following the law as it is proscribed in the code. It is mandated that a prosecutor lead a grand jury. Brown created a public spectacle in order to embarrass Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Morris and place a stain on the office in general.

    Then, after promising to appoint a neutral special prosecutor, Brown appointed two men who were obviously biased against Lykos as prosecutors to lead the grand jury. One, Stephen St. Martin, was formerly my chief at the office and left because he did not want to work for Lykos. The other is a personal friend of Brown.

    This bogus investigation continued over the next few months. In November, I provided over 1,300 pages of records to the grand jury regarding the vans. On the afternoon of December 14, I received a subpoena to appear before the grand jury the next morning. While I cannot discuss what occurred in these secret grand jury proceedings, I can tell you that this group’s sole motivation was to hurt Judge Lykos. They were determined to do anything to damage her credibility in the community. I made a decision to rebuke their misuse of the grand jury process.

    So, what can you do? Well, I respectfully ask you to vote for District Attorney Pat Lykos on May 29. Then, please tell your friends and family to vote for Lykos. I believe that everyone deserves to know the truth about this vicious campaign of entitlement. Finally, continue to pray that individuals who believe in justice and fair treatment of everyone will always lead our criminal justice system.

    Please beware of mailers and telephone calls that you may receive over the next month. Conservative Republicans of Harris County and the Link Letter are pay-for-play mailers that endorse candidates who pay thousands of dollars for these endorsements. Conservative Republicans is an organization run by Steven Hotze. Allen Blakemore currently represents Judge Lykos’s opponent, Mike Anderson, and Hotze’s group, Conservative Republicans. Blakemore previously represented Chuck Rosenthal and the Houston Police Officers Union. Both Rosenthal and the HPOU have endorsed Anderson. You may remember that when Hotze was charged with driving while intoxicated, Rosenthal dismissed the case.

    This entitled group will say and do anything to return to power. They simply don’t like Judge Lykos because she is not one of them: a crusty prosecutor with a win at all costs attitude.

    I want to say that without my family and friends, I would never have been able to make it through this time. Your kind words, prayers, and thoughts have meant more to me than I could ever tell you.

    I believe in truth, justice, and that our society should work towards preventing crime rather than just reacting to it. This isn’t about me – it is about our community. This is about the mother that I visited with on Friday. Anderson is running on the campaign promise to return the District Attorney’s Office to the “old days.” I believe that we can revolutionize our criminal justice system and reduce future crime.

    Best always,
    Rachel Palmer Hooper

  3. Don

    Murry Newman is a hater, along with a few hand full of others. Exley, McAnulty and Buess are just followers and expect Murray to be thier mouth piece. Murray is just like OBerge, HATERS. I hope Newmans new bride knows what see has gotten herself into.

    • Jennifer,
      Don’t get your hopes up I hear he met the future ex-Mrs. Newman through his blog, a groupie. This is the reason wife 2 left because of Newman’s cyber infidelities.

      My question is do you say to more than a few, “we thank you for your public service and wish you well in private practice.” So do they get it or do you take the more direct approach and say, “get the fuck out and this investigator will walk you to your office and help you gather your things.” I say just fire them and place a letter in the file as to why. I am thinking 40-45 people maybe more.

      It could be Newman, Beuss, Exley, McAnulty, Aiken “Luci Davidson”, +42. We need to talk with Murray’s landlord to see if they have that much paint.

      • There is no doubt Murray will cover everyone’s salary and full benefits for at least six months, just so everyone has a chance to get on their feet. Murray surely has made provisions to accommodate all. You need to get with him to fully understand his benefit and wage compensation plan.

  4. I will just ask Murray to place his wage and benefit package on his website. Murray I ask because I know the thoughtful guy you are you can provide a wage and benefit package commensurate with the DA’s office. You may also want to post your policy about clients pleading the fifth, the illegal uses of grand juries, trace case policy, DIVERT, arrest policies and procedures for grand jury foreman, and contempt proceedings for prosecutors. This will no doubt be the most interesting criminal defense practice in America. Also, we need to have mandatory hand gun lessons for spouses at your firm. So the next time your spouse pulls a gun on you in Char Bar she can blow your balls clean off.

    I will of course offer free shooting lessons to the spouses of your firm free of charge, ask around I am better than most.

  5. News from the bunker is Murray posting from Lahaina, Hawaii. Murray has consistently been wrong. Go ahead plan as if Mike Anderson is ahead in the polls. Murray is always completely full of shit.

    Blogging on his honeymoon frigging hilarious!

    I am sure he is working on your benefits package in his spare time.

  6. You call Bill, Terese and Maria “galactically uninformed idiots”, but you can’t freaking spell or put a complete sentence together?

  7. Well the great debate has come and gone and Judge Lykos kicked his butt. Anderson did ok, but it was truely a show to have been seen. He has no clue! It was very apparent that the choice for District Attoreny is PAT LYKOS

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