Amanda, thank you for your deposit of $85,000!


Sorry I have been remiss in posting about your and Chip’s misdeeds. I did want to thank you for placing your $85,000 into the Lynn Hughes’ court registry for Rachel. Now please understand we are adding the additional legal fees incurred by you for your completely bogus and laughable response to our response. Not that you ever had a discernible case for anything but a frivolous suit but your latest filing takes the cake! We all laughed and are betting you wrote it because no competent lawyer would send that to the 5th circuit.

Now we need all your money so keep up the good work. Watch what the 5th circuit does with our request for additional fees for your continued stupidity. Consider this a teachable moment for your law career and hey who knew you could be the law of the land and the case on point for the Citizen’s Participation Act. Elected officials everywhere thank you, well except Devon Anderson who this will turn out worse for her then you. I thank you and Chip for the opportunity, and yes I am having fun putting you in the poor house!

You need to go back and read these posts, pretty uncanny how I predicted your demise. You are a fool and soon be parted from all your money!

Thanks for playing!

Don Hooper

5 thoughts on “Amanda, thank you for your deposit of $85,000!

  1. The questions to ponder that came up at a recent fundraiser.

    1. Why has Chip Lewis received 80 dismissals since the Anderson’s have run the DA’s office. Is this payback for the corrupt grand jury and frivolous law suit filed against Rachel?

    2. I was asked by a former Judge why Belinda Hill was not selected as DA. This one evoked laughter and I told him that following Mike’s funeral, Hotze, Lowry, and Polland all got together. They all knew it was political suicide to support a gay woman in the Republican primary. They of course told the Governor this and the rest is history. Said judge had no idea. I told him a discussion with Belinda’s husband would clear up the matter 😉 It proves once again Mike Anderson liked to hide stuff. Lot’s of stuff and we will be discussing it all thoroughly here. Natalie and Beth who placed rumor and gossip in Rachel’s personnel file this was a very bad mistake. You may want to visit with Chip and Amanda about what happens to you legally when I start to get into your ass.

    3. There was also a lengthy discussion on purgatory and whether or not Mike is there because he never apologized to Rachel. Rachel forgave him a long time ago. I will when Anderson and all the corrupt folks are gone.

  2. Oh Devon where are the Brady notices for Ryan Chandler. Let’s get Inger right on that! Murray and DA spokesman Chip Lewis have set a very high bar here. We need a special prosecutor. I have a few in mind.

    I love the Ryan Chandler photo of him wearing the Mike Anderson campaign stickers. You really can’t make it up!

    Hey defense bar where are your Brady notices?

    Hey ho DA crooks have got to go!

  3. I am a lucky guy when it comes to lawyers. No question employment lawyers are a different breed of cat. Many thanks to Marty and Lisa! You folks are a god send!

    Ok back to serious stuff like special prosecutors.

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