Amanda Culbertson, pay up!


By now you know there is a “turn over” order sitting on Judge Hughes’ desk for your assets. Understand, you wanted to make this personal so now I do too.

You need to get Scott and Chip and go down to Hughes’ court and explain why the order should not be granted. Understand that the argument should include some sort of explanation of why you filed a frivolous lawsuit since you made 500,000 dollars over the last two years. We will get every dime of your money and with a letter of recommendation from us for law school.

Yes, my hand is sore from slapping your lawyers around the courthouse and commissioner’s court, again. You should notice a missing item from yesterday’s agenda from Commissioner’s Court.

Please keep driving up the legal cost, we are not quite there yet.

Thanks for playing!



3 thoughts on “Amanda Culbertson, pay up!

  1. Amanda,
    By now you should have been informed Lynn Hughes signed a turn over order for your assets, if not you need to speak with Chip. You are required to be deposed as to where your remaining assets came from and where they are. The people knocking on your door are US Marshalls.

    And, no the judgement will not be turned over. It will be collected and you will pay for the added collection expense, appeal, and our response to your hearing request and court appearances. Can’t wait to see you in court. I will be the one sitting on the front row laughing.

    Devon you should really think about where Amanda got 158,000 in cash in a safety deposit box.

    Boom goes the dynamite!

  2. Depo Questions:

    Ms. Culbertson, has the sitting District Attorney paid you for your services. And, of course all the relevant follow up and clarifying questions.

    Has any current member of the DA’s office paid you for your service?

    Lot’s of other fun stuff too.

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