(Updated) Murray Newman,Special Prosecutors, and Motion for new trial! (Updated)

185th Blogger and Anderson supporter

After all of Murray Newman’s misdeeds, Newman now dares to accuse the DA’s office of misconduct in the appointment of a special prosecutor following the revelation of evidence pointing to a defendant’s innocence. Secret grand jury information out of the 185th regularly appeared on his blog, you would have thought he was on the grand jury.

In all of Murray’s diatribes, he failed to mentioned the cozy relationship between Trisha Pollard, the grand juryforeman of the 185th, to Mike Anderson and his wife Devon Anderson. Murray never mentioned Stephen St. Martin’s large financial contribution to Kelly Siegler’s campaign. Judge Susan Brown’s payment of $3,000 to Devon Anderson. Stephen St. Martin and Jim Mount’s roles in the 185th grand jury will go down as one of the most disgusting occurrences in Harris County history. The 185th Grand Jury was nothing more than a photo op for the Mike Anderson campaign and the results of this grand jury speak for themselves.

The filing states that Kelly, in the least, failed to provide the defense with exculpatory evidence.The more important question is for Murray’s clients: Does your lawyer believe in prosecutors withholding exculpatory evidence? Judges you may want to think this through before appointing this fool.


Kelly and Paul playing make believe

So now we have all the players on the field and it seems the witness has representation, Paul Doyle. You may remember Paul Doyle as the straddlee from the first Susan Wright trial. Riley Joe Sanders has a lawyer too, Chip Lewis. Now, how is it that the witness and the stoned neighbor end up with these fine lawyers? Did Riley Joe have a lawyer at the trial? Did the witness see the People magazine article about Paul and Kelly, figure out that Paul is now a defense lawyer, and give him a call?Did Riley see Chip on Kelly’s campaign finance report and think to give him a call? I do agree with Paul on one thing, something certainly stinks and it isn’t Dick DeGuerin.  Stay tuned…………………………..

9 thoughts on “(Updated) Murray Newman,Special Prosecutors, and Motion for new trial! (Updated)

  1. The problem of course is that Kelly,Murray, and Stephen St. Martin are exactly the type of prosecutors you can expect Anderson to bring back to the office, you nailed it!

  2. Look all of Murray’s clients are guilty. If someone later confesses to the crime, DNA proves innocence, whatever, all prosecutors just need pull his comments off his blog and choke him with his words. I say again what idiot judge appoints this fool cases?

  3. Don
    With these people, to include Murray Newman its all about control. Its about not telling and or blogging the truth. Its as simple as the sun shining, they want the old ways and the old days back at all cost. They are counting their chickens before the eggs hatch and it has been rumored that the bird of paradise they have been counting on will sh#t on your head, cause baldness, possibly withhold exculpatory evidence, have the nick name of Cow Chip, confer with and donate to that bird of paradise.

  4. But coach what is going to happen when everyone figures out our team member was sleeping with everyone after accusing the other team of the same. Coach,why would anyone care if anything was investigated did our team do something wrong, illegal, did people lie, commit perjury? The senior coaching staff is even asking for an investigation what on earth are they trying to keep hidden? Coach do we know whose blood is on the gun, Coach?

  5. Murray makes a very incorrect assumption about how I knew about the Chronicle article. I have wanted to write about Murray’s obstruction of justice in the Temple matter for quite some time. This of course goes along with his leaking of secret grand jury testimony and other matters that is a running theme of his blog. Murray is very wrong when he guesses about who told me what? However, Murray is never right, correct or factual about anything. Just go back and look at everything he ever wrote about, Pat Lykos, Steve Morris, Carl Hobbs, the 185th grand jury, Bat Vans, Judge Susan Brown, Rachel, Mike Anderson, and Murray bats a thousand. None of it was ever true. Murray is and has always been a liar. I do want him to keep it up though because it is why I write this blog. Prosecutors read what this fool writes and if this is what you aspire to be you are not about justice, this is criminal behavior.

  6. So Lloyd brilliantly again made a direct appeal to Pat Lykos’ voters again in his debate today with Mike Anderson. Mike Anderson was asked how he was going to combat this. His response was that he hoped to have Judge Lykos’ support by November. Murray I think Allen Blakemore will be calling shortly. He may appear as Mamie Brockman on the caller ID.

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