Hitler otherwise unavailable!

Ryan Patrick swearing in ceremony with Judge Susan Brown.

6 thoughts on “Hitler otherwise unavailable!

  1. Yes, Murray is making the argument that he and the rest of the Hitler youth know more about running the DA’s office than anyone else. I don’t think Mike Anderson the criminal that he is should make up with Judge Lykos for using a grand jury for an unlawful purpose. Mike is the buffoon defending the HPD crime lab, not saying one word about his use of the 185th grand jury as a tool for his campaign, and Lloyd is the bad guy. Mike Anderson will do exactly what he says, he will take the office back to the old days, place everyone he can in jail on trace cases, and do away with DIVERT. I think you should take Murray’s word for it. Mike I am talking to you!

  2. Dan, there is a price to be paid for supporting pro-choice Judges. You also need to think about Chip Lewis, your consultant, and Dr. Karpen. I am predicting very dark days for you.

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