6 thoughts on “A Special Prosecutor is needed, call Ted Oberg!

  1. Murray,
    You don’t need worry about complaints about the current administration. I know a blogger whose phone is burning up. I am guessing they think you’re a tad bit bias.

  2. The question of the day is what does Susan Brown, Mike Anderson, Belinda Hill, Ann Johnson, Murray Newman, Allen Blakemore, Dan Patrick, Jim Mount, Stephen St. Martin, and Dr. Karpen all have in common?

    You have to love politics.

  3. Mr Hooper

    I wonder why Mike Anderson will not come forward and advise his constituent’s how his health is and if he will be able to continue the job? He is on the payroll for Harris County and was elected to the position. I think the public should know

  4. Murray I am thinking an article on Brady, prosecutorial misconduct, and the last case tried by the creepiest guy ever at the DA’s office. Dave is handling Karpen, Anderson, and Chip.

    Rethinking the whole removal thing too.

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