Slapped hard, Dr. Karpen’s Lawyer Taken to the Cleaners!

Chip Lewis, Dr. Karpen’s lawyer, you now owe us a great deal of money.All White Party Photo

Amanda and Jorge, I would sue Chip Lewis for leading you to believe you had a cause of action. I hope your lawyers explain to you that you must now pay everyone’s legal fees under the anti-slapp law.

Just so you know we are are talking 500K for Rachel alone. You will also owe for Judge Lykos and the County. You can of course sue Chip Lewis, Dr. Karpen’s lawyer, and the Cooks to get them to pay your share. The Cooks will have mal-practice insurance to off set their losses, Chip will have sanctions too. I can make a referral if you need. The good thing is that the Cooks will have been understood to have expertise in their field of employment law and will be held to greater scrutiny. Scott, it will get worse for you, think about Rachel’s deposition. Gentleman thank you for playing and I am betting Chip is not answering your calls.  I would pass the hat starting with Judge Brown and Allen, just pay up, what is a million for the trade off.

So why does Chip Lewis sue two pro-life prosecutors right before Anderson takes office?

Amanda and Jorge, I have already spoken to several lawyers who will take your case, educated smart lawyers.

First time a public official has ever been granted a slap motion.

Amanda and Jorge, you will be famous in the legal world.

Thank you Mike Stafford and Kate David, the best!






Appeal this!

Patricia Pollard, God is good!

He also does not liked to be mocked.

12 thoughts on “Slapped hard, Dr. Karpen’s Lawyer Taken to the Cleaners!

  1. I am pretty sure Mike is not getting better. Why did Belinda Hill lie to elected officials, people in the office, and everyone else as to what Mike’s condition was?

    There is no question these were very tall tales and not lost anyone. Stay tuned!

  2. The King of Tasteless calls the Chronicle Tasteless.

    Murray, I do see how you confuse Chip Lewis for Mike Anderson. Also, my post was on Friday after Judge Hughes ruled in our favor. Mike’s death was announced on Saturday, I did get an early call. You really need help.

    Don’t make me come find you!

  3. Oh well, I guess if you are going to reduce someone’s bond from 100k to 5k you’re hopeful he doesn’t go murder a veteran protecting children, Brad. The two curfew violations don’t even think about it, no one will notice. Geez

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