Federal Judge Lynn Hughes issues opinion on the dismissal

I know David Jennings is writing about this so I am just posting the opinion here for informational purposes and thanking a few folks who really deserve to be called out. Judge Hughes issued this opinion yesterday afternoon, on 9-11. Once again, hat-tip to Kate David and Mike Stafford, unquestionably two of the best lawyers in the City of Houston. These two lawyers, who I might add, won the Early to Rise litigation a few days ago. They are on a roll.

I also would like to thank Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, Robert Soard, and Mary Baker from the Harris County Attorney’s Office who provided Rachel such wonderful counsel. We are deeply in your gratitude. This goes double to the members of Harris County Commissioners Court. To all, thank you!

Hughes Opinion on Dismissal


19 thoughts on “Federal Judge Lynn Hughes issues opinion on the dismissal

  1. Belinda Hill,
    You did not mention one word about the 185th Grand Jury and Mike’s extra special relationship with Grand Jury foreman Patricia Pollard. You also failed to mention Mike’s relationship to Jim Mount. You need to figure out what arrest powers a grand jury foreman has and explain why Mike Anderson’s extra special friend arrested a prosecutor. There were many crimes committed and elections are when these little facts come out.

    I hope you don’t think this is going away.

    You may also want to take some time and read Federal Judge Lynn Hughes’s opinion.

  2. I would like to thank the Republican precinct chairs who unanimously voted last night to tell Jared to butt out of the DA’s race. Thank you very much!

    Murray the Republican Executive Committee met last night, didn’t see you there?

  3. The Governor appointed the second most corrupt Judge in Harris County to the 14th Court of appeals. Marc Brown has no appellate experience and must answer for his appearance in front of his wife’s grand jury. Did he plead the fifth, just what was Marc doing? Maybe Jim Mount can tell us. I must thank the Governor though for this opportunity!

  4. Lloyd Oliver Republican DA candidate.

    Hmm pro-life, check!

    Not corrupt and campaigns on 185th grand jury, check!

    Campaigns on the lack of prosecution of the Karpen case, check!

    Accused of being homophobic, what will Hotze and Lowry do, check!

    Points out the hiring of Lester, Brian, and Ann Johnson, check!

    Will ask the widow why Susan Brown paid her $3,000 right before 185th grand Jury was seated, check

    Trace policy, discount double check!

    Divert, check!

    Will call out Chip Lewis out on all his dismissals since Anderson’s took office, more corruption, check!

    Will seek Dan Patrick’s endorsement on the pro-life issue and Karpen case, check!

    You just can’t make it up!

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