Thank you to the Texas Public Policy Foundation

All star crowd at the Grimes Home and Rachel, I, Kim Ogg, Olivia Jordan, Tor Van Dyke, Buffie Ingersoll, and Bob Lansink had a great time.

Thank you Brooke Rollins, David Grimes, and Windi Grimes!

6 thoughts on “Thank you to the Texas Public Policy Foundation

  1. How does Chip Lewis have 47 dismissals this year? Chip you held a press conference when you filed the lawsuit now you have to apologize in the Chronicle, full page add, opposite the editorial page. Scott how are your appellate skills at the 5th circuit. Dude, you are going to need help. This will be a great read in Big Jolly. So how is the Karpen case going? 60K-Let Pollard say something else and by all means leave it up on Devon’s FB.

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