Oh Chipper, I think Hughes is talking to you!

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Rachel Palmer wins again


ADA Rachel Palmer

ADA Rachel Palmer

One thing about being bullied is that if you are willing to step up and fight back, you usually win. Harris County Assistant District Attorney Rachel Palmer, who along with former Harris County District Attorney Pay Lykos was the subject of a politically motivated witch hunt, was willing to step up and fight back. And win she did.

This past Wednesday, Federal Judge Lynn Hughes issued an order forcing the plaintiffs in a frivolous lawsuit against Palmer, Amanda Culbertson and Jorge Wong, to pay  Palmer $82,101 in attorney’s fees. Click here to view the order.

Because Culbertson and Wong brought baseless claims in an attempt to construct a case out of an administrative policy they did not like, they must pay the reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in defending their suit. They may use legal action in their politics, but they are responsible for the consequences.

Let me repeat that last line:

They may use legal action in their politics, but they are responsible for the consequences.

I remain convinced that the real culprit here was the attorney pushing Culbertson and Wong, Chip B. Lewis, along with other supporters of former Harris County DA Mike Anderson (deceased). Hopefully Culbertson and Wong will find a way to make Mr. Lewis pay the $82,101 because they were nothing more than pawns used in an attempt to smear Palmer and Lykos. Perhaps the campaign account of Anderson could chip in because that campaign certainly profited from the smears.

It is an absolute disgrace that these people used a runaway grand jury as a tool to get Anderson elected to office and then used a couple of pawns like Culbertson and Wong to continue the smear.

Congratulations to Rachel Palmer for being a fighter and standing up to the bullies, although it is no surprise. She fights for the citizens of Harris County every day in the courtroom, putting the worst of the worst in our society behind bars where they belong. Those now in positions of power at the DA’s office continue to hold her back and bypass her for promotion. It will take time for this smear job to go away (and the current regime to get booted out of office) but perhaps someday the people of Harris County will recognize her work and elect her to lead the DA’s office and put integrity back in the place.



16 thoughts on “Oh Chipper, I think Hughes is talking to you!

  1. Amanda and Jorge,

    82,000 is just enough to be painful but not enough to ruin your lives. Let me explain something to you. Your lawyers have given you horrible advice to date. They will be sanctioned too, and you can all pass the hat. Understand this if you appeal the cost of the answer will be added to the 82,000. If you win you go back to the trial court and you will be poured out in summary judgement, these costs will be added to all the other costs. In other words, Chip has screwed you royally.

    Amanda, look at Rachel’s deposition she was never investigating you for perjury. Chip lied to you for a retainer. The lies are at an end and as I have said before if you want to sue him I can help.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Well the county attorney idea didn’t work, and Chip led Devon over the edge on the Karpen no bill, watch what happens next!

    Jorge and Amanda, you can not sell any assets, we did a little filing yesterday. You got an extension on the discovery, thank you. I would not believe a word your council tells you about the mediation. I am predicting it isn’t going to go well.

    Devon, next time pop in and say hello! You could have explained the whole clean slate thing.

    Merry Christmas!

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